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Aliens and Herons

A walking tour of plastic arts in Brno’s public spaces

The sculptor Pavel Karous will guide this walk around visual artefacts dating from the eras of real socialism and real capitalism in central Brno. At a leisurely pace, together we will discover timeless, monumental, modern, postmodern and post-postmodern works in South Moravia’s metropolis.

The walk will conclude at 18:00 with the unveiling of Pavel Karous’s piece of installation art at the monument to Marie Kudeříková at třída Kapitána Jaroše. Entitled An Apple Tree Floats in the Air, the installation was created for Meeting Brno 2021.

Those coming from Prague, meet at 11:15 at Prague’s main station on the platform; EC 279 Metropolitan departs at 11:22. 

Programme will be held in czech only.
Free entry. Limited capacity. We suggest booking your place below on this site.






Meet at the bust of Marshal Malinovsky in front of the House of Arts
Malinovského náměstí 2
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