Meeting Brno 2017

As in its inaugural year, the Meeting Brno festival continued in Year 2 to tell the story of Moravia and its largest city, Brno. This rich history has been shaped not just by the region’s Czech community, but also by its German and Jewish populations. This perspective not only reminds us of past events that must never be forgotten, but perhaps more importantly gives us a way of viewing contemporary social issues and of imagining the future. In 2017, we investigated the issue of ‘otherness’ through a number of discussions and artistic performances. In the past, otherness often fuelled community tension, sometimes leading eventually to catastrophe. Having taken this lesson from our own history, we become aware that through a considerate dialogue across generations, cultures and religions we can bring historically painful issues to a dignified closure. We have shown that, despite differences of opinion, conciliatory and constructive resolutions can be found; we can be united in diversity; we can live the European Union ideal: in varietate concordia.

The meeting of the Löw-Beer, Tugendhat, Stiassny family behind the Tugendhat Vila