DEBATE: Feminism the Czech way, or a woman between socialism and capitalism

Wednesday / 30. 05. 2018
Husa na provázku / konferenční sál, 1. patro


What visions did women have in demanding the vote straight after the birth of the Republic? Did they succeed in achieving what they wanted? And what did socialism bring women? Did it discredit feminist values? And what did the neo-liberalism after the revolution mean for them? The changes in the position of women and women's institutions before and after 1989 from different perspectives.

Guests of the debate:

Jiří Peňás – literature critic and publicist, Echo24

Denisa Nečasová – historian, focusing on the themes of women's work and women's movements in contemporary history

Jarmila Johnová – dissident, founder of Prague Mothers

Chaired by literary historian and Host magazine editor Eva Klíčová.