30 years since the division of Czechoslovakia

30 years since the division of Czechoslovakia

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This year marks 30 years since the division of Czechoslovakia. An event that changed many lives but did not change the close relationship of our two countries. To mark this important occasion, we will reflect on our shared past, consider where our two countries have advanced over the past 30 years apart, and look at how to cooperate best and how to face shared challenges.

The opening of the festival promises to be undoubtedly a highlight this year. Discussion “Do we belong together?" with the participation of President Petr Pavel and President Zuzana Čaputová will take place in the very place where the division of Czechoslovakia was declared. On 22 June, the gardens of Villa Tugendhat and Löw-Beer will once again come alive with an event that will go down in history.


Today we divide

The days around the division of Czechoslovakia are also commemorated in a theatre play written by Markéta Špetíková exclusively for the Meeting Brno festival. The dialogue between Václav Klaus and Vladimír Mečiar, entitled Today we divide, will be performed again after thirty years on 23 and 26 June at the Villa Tugendhat, this time directed by Michal Zetel.

Czechia – The Slovak Home

How Slovaks live in the Czech Republic and how they create our public space together will be discussed with this year's patroness Andrea Růžičková Kerestešová on 27 June at Jakubské náměstí during discussions entitled Czechia – The Slovak Home and Brno – The Slovak Home. The evening on Jakubské náměstí will climax with a concert of a Slovak singer-songwriter living in Prague, Katarzia.

We are collecting Czech-Slovak stories

Since the Meeting Brno festival works mainly with stories, we decided to collect as many Czecho-Slovak ones as possible. Do you have a specific story from our shared history, from the time of division, do you live in both countries, are you a family of Czechs and Slovaks or do you have another story connected with Czechs and Slovaks? Share your own story and take part with us in the collection of Czecho-Slovak stories.