Meeting Brno 2022

How else to reflect on the celebrations of Gregor Johann Mendel’s 200th anniversary than by commemorating a figure who has kept his legacy alive? Hugo Iltis was a doctor of biology, a Mendel populariser and the main organiser of his centenary celebrations in 1922. An eminent native of Brno whom the city will never forget, Iltis fought racism and built bridges between the Czechs and the Germans.

Also supporting Johann Gregor Mendel was the extraordinary House of Liechtenstein, whose stories our festival explores this year. As part of our “Liechtenstein meets Brno“ programme, we will welcome Princess Maria-Pia Kothbauer and Prince Stefan of Liechtenstein.

Our motto, Crossroads, perfectly captures the Mexican community project LOStheULTRAMAR, the message of which is that whatever we are, ultimately we are all the same and our pains and joys have the same foundations. That too is the call of Meeting Brno 2022.

And what do the names Löw-Beer, Schindler, Bau, Lustig, Trojan and Post Bellum have in common? A festival day at Brněnec where the colourful history of the place will meet with the ambitious plans for its future.

For the seventh time this year, we unravel history, give room for discussion and present quality art from throughout the world. Come and discover the Crossroads with us at the festival this year.

Festival Meeting Brno

In 2020, the motto of our festival was Stand Out and last year we invited you to ponder with us whether Truth Prevails.