About the festival

Meeting Brno

Connects seemingly disconnected opinions, various cultures and supports interreligious dialogue. Brings quality art from all around the World, offers a place for discussion and gives visitors the opportunity for encounters. It’s a place where we can all appreciate each other and where our differences are an invite for discovering the truth.

The festival first took place in 2016 with the motto “lost / found homes” and deepened the topic of German and Jewish minorities before the war in Brno. The motto of the year 2017 was “unity in diversity” which saw the invitation of 120 members of the Tugendhat, Löw-Beer and Stiassni families. In 2018, under the motto “revision time”, the festival concentrated on the hundred year anniversary of the birth of modern Czecho/slovakia. In 2019 the festival gave space for thought about the anniversary of The Velvet Revolution under the motto “now that we have what we wanted”. 2020 had the motto “stand out” and in 2021 we had the opportunity to think about the question “truth prevails?” 2022 was the year of important anniversaries. Our mission was to search for the crossroads of people, events and places, which are connected to Brno and many other places.