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Fantastic races and where to find them – Premiere

A theatre performance conceived as an interactive exhibition about race and racism. The ideas of Hugo Iltis and later anthropologists, and also of self-styled racial scientists, are contrasted with our current, lived reality. No, we no longer build gas chambers or designate races as inferior or superior. Yet, sitting on the pedestal of our supercilious “European normality”, how much sensitivity do we actually show towards those who are confronted with prejudice and banal clichés every day?
Staging: Divadlo Feste for Meeting Brno

Script: Vendula Borůvková
Actors: Yuliia Yabletska, Sabina Šlachtová
Director: Jiří Honzírek

In collaboration with the Divadlo Feste.

Programme will be held in czech only.
Limited capacity. Buy your tickets on GoOut.

Photo: Jan Vrba

Illustration photo: production Hilsner and the Others, Meeting Brno 2021






Augustinian Abbey
Mendlovo nám. 1