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Premiere of the film adaptation of a dance performance by ProART Company about Marie Kudeříková 80 years after her death.

“Love can only be paid back by love.”

On the 5th of December 1941, MArie Kudeříková wa s arrested by gestapo. Even though she was subject to nazi interrogation practices in Brno and Prague, , she remained silent for the most part of them and didn’t reveal anyone’s identity. In the gestapo interrogation protocoles, she had what is considered to be the highest level of heroism – “hartnäckiges schweigen“ – stubborn silence. The “trial” took place almost a full year later, on the 16th of November 1942 in the Breslau prison (later Polish Wroclaw), then part of the “Third Reich”.Both her parents were present at the trial. Marie Kudeříková was sentenced to death by beheading with an axe. She spent the next four months on death row, where she wrote 32 letters. They were carried out of the prison with the help of her friend and one prison officer. These letters served as an inspiration to a play and subsequently this film.

Screenplay, choreography, camera and director: Martin Dvořák
Cast: Lucie Hrochová a Klára Uhlířová
Music: Gabriela Vermelho
Costumes: Jindra Rychlá
Producers: Martin a Jana Vágnerovi

Special thanks to: Česká televize, Meeting Brno a st. m. Brno

Tickets for 150,-/100, available on GoOut.






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