Czech-German religious service: “Let us share life”
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Czech-German religious service: “Let us share life”

Christians live their faith irrespective of their origins and nationalities in a community, sharing their lives and experiences with others in the love of their neighbour. Since the beginning and for centuries, this unity has been depicted by the breaking of bread. Jesus himself speaks of a “true heavenly bread” and describes himself as the “bread of life”.

The service will be conducted in the spirit of “Let us share life”, the motto of the 102nd German Catholic Convention to be held from 25 to 29 May 2022 in Stuttgart, a city twinned with Brno. The service will be celebrated by Canon Dr. Uwe Scharfenecker of the Rottenburg-Stuttgart diocese and the Reverend Jan Pacner of the Saint James parish.

In collaboration with Ackermann-Gemeinde; the service will be held partly in Czech and partly in German.






Church of Saint James
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