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Everything starts with an encounter. The meaning and the risks of education

Meeting Brno is inspired by the monumental Meeting Rimini festival, organised by our Italian friends who are enchanted and informed by Luigi Giussani’s charisma, whose centenary we will mark this autumn. “The more we live, the more we are perceptive and lively, and the more we have intelligence and sensibility, the more our life will be interwoven with encounters. Every encounter offers a proposal of statements, persons, things or events. Newness always comes from an encounter with another. This is the rule that life is born with: we exist because other people have given us life,” Giussani wrote in his book The Risk of Education. Everything starts with an encounter. What were the encounters at the determining crossroads of the lives of the people who see education, upbringing or accompaniment as their vocation? How do they develop these crucial encounters further? How are they able to draw from them every day? How are people changed by true encounters with otherness – and is there a way back for them?

Marie Gottfriedová –⁠ winner of the Director of the Year 2020/21 survey
Alessandro Mele
Marek Orko Vácha

Moderated by:
Martina Viktorie Kopecká and David Macek

Programme will be held in czech and italian and will be simultaneously interpreted to czech.
Free entry. Limited capacity. We suggest booking your place below on this site.






Paradise Garden of Augustinian Abbey
Mendlovo nám. 1