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A premiere of a new show conceived by Mikro-teatro, somewhere between a happening, a ritual and a dance, examines the space between home and abroad, a trip between Brno and Spain.

What is it like to leave one’s country, whether voluntarily or reluctantly? What is it like to be “born info” a new space, where everything feels different and where we do not understand anyone? Some people perhaps would like to leave their homes and go to the cliffs to let their inner selves live. Some, by contrast, would perhaps prefer to stay but must leave. What does this do to people; how do journeys transform us; who are we when we return; and can we return at all?

Cast: Veronika Všianská, Marina Cruz Llamas
Cello: Jan Škrdlík

In collaboration with Mikro-teatro.

Programme will be held in czech and german.
Limited capacity. We suggest buying your tickets on GoOut.






Paradise Garden of Augustinian Abbey
Mendlovo nám. 1
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Podpořte nás