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Katarzia is a Slovak songwriter based in Prague since 2015. Katarzia has released 5 albums – Generácia Y, Agnostika, Antigona, Celibát, n5, her lyrics are typical for their openness and sense of closeness.

“On the light stand those who are afraid to enter the darkness.”
The n5 album we are about to hear is an introspective interpretation of “covid sitting between four walls”. Along with the n5 album, an electronic concert project was created with a light design inspired by the anxiety of the times and the aesthetics of rave parties and theatre.

In addition to her own albums, Katarzia composes music for theatre and film (production Antigone, Slovak National Theatre, 2018, directed by Ondrej Spišák; TV series Background Events, directed by Jan Hřebejk, CT 2O22; production Object, Letí 2022 Theatre, directed by Marián Amsler). For the music to Antigone, Katarzia, together with Jonatán Pastirčák, won the Dosky award for the best incidental music of the season and the Tatrabanka Award for Arts for Young Artists.

Katarzia is currently working on a new album Kniha Nepokoja with producer Petr Ostrouchov.

Vocals, music, lyrics: Katarzia
Electronics: Aid Kid
Drums: Oliver Lipensky
Lights: Tomáš Košťák
Sound: Jan Mikšátko

Free admission.






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