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The unremovable part of being – reprise

“Let’s not expect that something like this will be accepted by people as a whole. There must be someone who passes on what most of humanity has yet to grow to. Whatever happens inside a creature stays within it and contributes to the completion of the World.” (Felix Maria Davídek)

During the communist era, a great number of members of the catholic church realised that in order for it to function effectively, there had to be another part of the church, that, unlike the official one, which was being persecuted, tolerated or collaborating, the creation of a secret, and therefore free church, was necessary. With time, it grew to become an elaborate network, rather than a united organisation, which understandably made it difficult for the regime to uncover.
Authors Veronika Všianská and Eva Lietavová built the piece around the fates of two key representatives of the moravian branch of the secret church. Ludmila Javorová, who is universally known for being – despite the official rules of the catholic church – ordained a priest, a position which is to this day exclusively occupied by men. Felix Maria Davídek was the one who ordained her.
Although this occurred more than 50 years ago, it remains a somewhat intriguing thought. Could something that was against the rules really happen? And do similar events still occur today despite them being denied by the catholic church?

Script: Veronika Všianská and Eva Lietavová
Directed by: Eva Lietavová
Dramaturgy: Ludmila Rousová
Set design: Věra Vtípilová
Music: Radim Hanousek
Actress: Hana Jagošová

Programme will be held in Czech only.
Limited capacity. Buy your tickets on GoOut.






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