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Who owns cultural heritage? – diskussion

For centuries, Bohemia and Moravia provided a home to Czechs and Germans, Christians and Jews. The coexistence of these communities gave rise to a unique culture that continues to be admired to this day. With the emergence and rise of nations, the view of this cultural wealth has narrowed. Is a national view of culture obsolete? How can we treat this heritage sensitively; how do we transmit it and care for it? Speaking about these issues will be our guests who are involved in preserving cultural heritages. There is much to discover!


Dr. Peter Becher – literary historian and writer, chairman of the Adalbert Stifter Association.

Veronika Kupková – teacher, author of the projects Preßnitz lebt! and Generation “N

Dr. Petr Koura – historian, director of the Collegium Bohemicum

Moderator: Tomáš Lindner (journalist)

In collaboration with Ackermann-Gemeinde.

Programme will be held in czech and german and it will be interpreted simultaneously.
Limited capacity. We suggest booking your place below on this site.

Dr. Peter Becher Photo: Repro Hold on, please! Or two? Meeting on the Bavarian-Czech border (2016), p. 57

Veronika Kupková Photo: konigsmuhle.cz

Dr. Petr Koura Photo: rozhlas.cz






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