Let’s save the ’Mosilana’ complex!

Let's save the ’Mosilana’ complex!

“After the destruction of most of the former industrial buildings in Brno so far, which we saw with dismay during our visit to the family reunion Meeting Brno in 2017, experts say the Mosilana complex is one of the few, if not the only one of the largely authentic preserved industrial complexes, which are of great importance for the history of the city of Brno. Max Kohn factory at Vlhká 21 has been owned by Emil Tugendhat and his sons Hans and Fritz Tugendhat since 1919. Aryanized and looted as Jewish property by the Nazis in 1941, and nationalized in 1946.
As representatives of the Tugendhat family and as the recipients of the 2015 City of Brno Prize, we wholeheartedly support the initiative to maintain this Mosilana complex.”

Vienna 20. 3. 2021
Prof. Dr. Daniela Hammer-Tugendhat
Prof. Dr. Ivo Hammer

“These buildings are an important part of the historical heritage of Brno. They should be incorporated into the future design of the site, as they will provide many authentic opportunities for the future. It is a shame to cut the threads that link the past, present to the future.

Geneva 21. 3. 2021
Dr. Daniel Low-Beer

As co-organizers of Family Reunion Löw-Beer, Tugendhat, Stiassni and as an institution cooperating to preserve their legacy in the region – conversion of the factory in Brněnec, reconstruction of Cecílie Hože / Arnold villa, the Löw-Beer trail, edition of the book Arks – we are happy to join the initiative ‘Za Brno’. At the same time, we would like to ask the current owner to use the valuable area advisedly and we offer a platform for possible meetings and negotiations concerning the shape of the area that will suit everyone.