Closing the festival – Dance tableaus “Maruška”
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Closing the festival – Dance tableaus “Maruška”

Dance tableaus for an actor, a dancer and a musician after Marie Kudeříková’s letters

“It is ridiculous that people can weep over books, paintings or theatre, yet dully walk past real misery. Art leads to life. Life and people are the main ends here. Art is a way and a means, but also an end. We need to understand life correctly.”

Conceived by Martin Dvořák, Maruška, a diminutive of Marie, is a tribute in dance to Marie Kudeříková, an anti-Nazi resistance fighter executed by the Nazis aged 22. This production for three women performers was created for the occasion of Marie Kudeříková’s 100th birthday and is based on the letters she wrote while on death row, which were published in 1961 as Zlomky života (Fragments of a Life).

Conception, direction and choreography: Martin Dvořák
Music: Gabriela Vermelho
Collaboration on the libretto: Lukáš Novák
Performers: Lucie Hrochová, Klára Müllerová and Gabriela Vermelho

In collaboration with ProArt Company.

Programme will be held in czech only.
Free entry. Limited capacity. We suggest booking your place below on this site.






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