Diary As Part of Understanding the World and Oneself
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Diary As Part of Understanding the World and Oneself

A journal can simply record your life, but it can also become a tool for reflecting, understanding, and investigating. It can be a space for teaching and learning, a hotbed of innovative ideas or a lifeline in challenging personal and professional situations. A journal can also help when working with a team, when teaching on-line and trying to calm down or when discussing controversial topics. It can provide a safe environment in situations where we need to express something but don’t want to share it with others.
During the workshop, you will be able to experience all of this. You will have the opportunity to try out different ways and techniques of journalling to make it serve your purpose and lead you to your goal.

The workshop will be held by Lucie Jarkovská and Martina Nosková.
The estimated length of the program is 3 hours.

Lucie Jarkovská is a sociologist focusing on the topic of gender-sensitive education. Within the SYRI Institute, she examines the possibilities of using journalling methods in research, university teaching and group work. She is a part of a stand-up duo called Duo docentky, whose aim is to popularize research in the area of gender and feminism. Recently, they published the book Feministkou snadno a rychle. She is also the author of the book Gender před tabulí.

Martina Nosková is a lecturer teaching English and journalling methods. She holds journalling courses and popularizes personal writing (journalling) in the media. She explores ways to use journalling methods in pedagogy, both as a part of teaching and as part of well-being in the school environment. Both are involved in social resilience research under the umbrella of the National Institute for Research on the Socioeconomic Impacts of Disease and Systemic Risks.

Programme will be held in czech.








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