Ein Strudel und Nekonečno – Repeat performance
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Ein Strudel und Nekonečno – Repeat performance

Repeat performance of a theatre production inspired by Kurt Gödel’s life and ideas

Usually, you learn the following about Kurt Gödel: Albert Einstein enjoyed his walks with him after work; he was born in Brno; he was the greatest logician since Aristotle; and fearing poisoning, he refused food and starved to death. And also that he had an unshakeable belief in a second life after life and that the world was essentially logical and good.

But if the world is essentially logical and good, who then poisoned the strudel? And, actually, did someone poison it? Who are these three weirdos lecturing about mathematics? And why should Kurt Gödel write stand-up comedy about mothers?

Fear nothing. All will be clear.
Have a piece of strudel.
Nobody poisoned it.

Produced by the artistic association Bazmek entertainment and Mikro-teatro:

Screenplay: Patrik Boušek and Eva Lietavová
Direction: Eva Lietavová
Dramatic concept: Patrik Boušek
Acted by: Petr Hanák, Lucie Hrochová and Veronika Všianská
Music: Ondřej Zámečník
Stage design and costumes: Klára Vincourová
Producer: Vanda Klestilová
Scholarly consultation: Maria Králová, Ph.D.

Repeat performance on Thursday 29/7 at 21:00.

Financially supported by the City of Brno and the Ministry of Culture; in collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague.

Theatre will be held in czech.
Admission: 200/150 Kč. Book here.






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