Liechtenstein si meeting Brno

Liechtenstein is meeting Brno

Princess Maria-Pia Kothbauer, the ambassador of the Principality of Liechtenstein in the Czech Republic and Austria, will introduce her guests and her country in Brno. Liechtenstein is not just a leading country globally in terms of GNP per capita and boasting zero national debt. Did you know that the fourth smallest country in the world has had unchanged borders for 300 years, saw off an attempted Nazi putsch and never diplomatically recognised the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia?

The reigning Prince Hans Adam II has been instrumental in the success of this small European country, wedged between the Alps on the Austrian side and the River Rhine on the Swiss side, as it was thanks to him that the country has achieved an important position internationally. The industrial potential of the state, combined with low taxation, good governance and the diligence of the local population of nearly 40,000 people, has created an economic miracle. There are many more links between Czechia and Liechtenstein than a first glance would suggest.

This year we welcome at the festival Dr Johann Kräftner, director of the Liechtenstein Princely Collections, who will give a talk at the Museum of Applied Arts about Prince Johann II of Liechtenstein, whose collections and donations continue to enrich Moravian museums to this day.

The talk that will follow, by the festival’s patron Daniel Herman and the spokesperson of the Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation and of the princely family in the Czech Republic, Michal Růžička, is entitled Liechtenstein: a place one either doesn’t know about or admires. The speakers will note the admirable success story of one family that has been going strong for 800 years, and of a tiny state that recently celebrated 300 years of independent existence. 

The part of this year’s programme dedicated to Liechtenstein will be completed by a reception with Her Serene Highness Maria-Pia Kothbauer, the Princess of Liechtenstein (for invited guests only).