Broken lives

A theatrical and movement memory of three young people, silenced by communism, the „Lives of August ‘69“

Danuše, Stanislav, Jiří… three troubled fates of 1969. The memories of “August” of the previous year drove many young people to Brno streets, as they were still dissatisfied with the political development after the occupation and wanted to freely express their opinion or perhaps to recall the “living torches” victims. However, for three of them this August day became fatal. Under still quite unclear circumstances, people in the centre of Brno were shot at by the militia and killed… Danuše Muzikářová, Stanislav Valehrach and Jiří Ševčík. The latter did not succumb to the injuries but was seriously paralyzed. Unable to live a full life, after 1989 even without any moral or financial satisfaction, his life was wasted and literally finished. Three victims who didn’t want to be heroes. Three young lives destroyed by the communist regime. Fifty years later, it must not be too late to recall their painful legacy. To remind us all, to give these horrible things some sense. And to hold a mirror up to the present and future days.

Broken Lives consist of three solo performances, three artistic stops choreographed by Martin Dvořák. The performance was created in collaboration with ProART Company.

16:00 and 18:00 Meeting point at Měnínská brána city gate


Měnínská brána