Concert: Hokr & Tiché lodi

Before 1989, underground was the only space for totally free artistic creation. Underground as an alternative stream of thought, lifestyle and culture has its place even in today’s world.

Tiché lodi (Brno)

Guitar and voice on the edge of silence and music. An ambient alternative, an alternative ambient.

A project of a singer-songwriter and reciter originated from Olomouc living and working in Brno.

Hokr (Praha)

A Prague-based alternative / underground / rock band, which was born at the end of 1979. Only a few insiders know the appearance of the original bearer of the name, an was unwashed, slightly retarded haggard, living somewhere in the woods according to the last news, overgrown with tree fungus and completely without contacts with human vermin. A coincidence led to the connection of the name Hokr, or rather the ideological interconnection of certain characteristics of its owner and the future musical expression of this group. It symbolized a voluntary and natural step into a half-open battered doorway leading to a dark, spiral staircase, surfacing somewhere far below the ground, into a torch-lit cave where unspecified, but certainly less than a small number of people agreed that living among normal people feels equally unbearable for them all.

Admission: 100 CZK (at the door)


Desert club, Rooseveltova 591/11