Laco Garaj: Sixty

Opening of the exhibition with the participation of the author.

Laco Garaj (* 1959) returns to Schrott Gallery after a year with an exhibition he prepared for his birthday. There will be a retrospective of his older works, we will select drawings and gouaches of smaller formats that have not been displayed before. You can also look forward to large-format paintings from a cycle that is being currently created in Laco’s new studio on the banks of the Dyje River. In his most recent works, the author has tried some techniques unusual for him so far, where the use of sprays and fluorescent colours are the most significant. It’s possible that this year’s set of large-format paintings will represent a step into a new creative chapter for this artist.

Laco Garaj studied sculpture at SUPŠ Brno. In 1978-80 he was a part of a beatnik community of artists around Václav Stratil in Olomouc. Here Laco develops his tendency towards conceptual and active creation. A breakthrough exhibition in Dolní Kounice in 1980 was dispersed by the police and the artists and musicians were detained for 24 hours. Since then, Laco has become more and more an anti-regime artist. Thus also his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague fell through. He made his living as a construction worker or as a stoker in a boiler room at Špilberk castle and focused on art in his free time. Today, Garaj is known primarily as a painter, sculptor and vitrageist.

The exhibition can be seen until 29/6/2019.

Programme partner: Schrott Gallery.



Křenová 10, Schrott gallery