Open Air Cinema: Kojot (Coyote) (HU)

A young man arrives in a small town of Tűzkő just because his grandfather has bequeathed him some land and a dilapidated house. A frustrated, timid, defensive thirty-year-old hasn’t yet found his place in life. This time however, he decides to face all the conflicts that await him in the new region. The toughest Hungarian film of the recent years.

Director: Márk Kostyál (2017, 126 minutes, Hungarian with English and Czech subtitles)

Admission: 100 CZK (tickets can be bought at the door half an hour before the screening or at the ticket office of the Scala cinema).

Meeting Brno Open Air Cinema
We’d like to invite you to an open-air cinema for a series of three films that provide an artistically designed meeting with three countries with which we share a similar historical experience of the post-war period. We will show films reflecting the present times in the former East Germany, Hungary and Poland.


Místodržitelský palác, Moravské náměstí 1a (courtyard)