Author reading: Halyna Kruk (UA)

The Ukrainian poet and translator was born in Lviv in 1974, studied literature at the university there, and she lectures at her alma mater today. She is the author of five poetry collections (among others, Wandering in the Search of a House, Footprints in the Sand, The Face That is Not in the Photo) and many translations from Belarusian, Russian and Polish (including Wisława Szymborska and Stanisław Lem). As a literary historian, she focuses on the folk genres of the Ukrainian Baroque. In her poetic work, she follows the tradition of feminism and Ukrainian female poetry: „Oh, Sylvia, why does a woman have to pay for freedom more dearly than America?“ she addresses Sylvia Plath in one of her verses. She also writes books for children and about children; she contributed for example to the anthology titled Mum on Skype, dedicated to children growing in separation from their parents who work abroad.


Husova 18, Kavárna Praha