Author reading: Martyna Bunda (PL)

Polish journalist and writer, stemming from ther Kashubs, was born in 1975 in Gdansk. She studied social policy at Warsaw University and has been making her living as a journalist since she was eighteen. For many years, she worked for the weekly Polityka, she was nominated for the prestigious Polish Grand Press award twice. Her debut prose Nieczułość (Callousness) from 2017 catapulted her to the stars. „It’s a great, mature and exciting female saga. It is also a story of war, sacrifice, love, friendship, betrayal and loyalty. It’s hard to believe that it is a debut!”, wrote the critic Beata Igielska. The author herself commented on the book: „The time has come to address the experiences that have been destroying our families for decades. The generation of our grandparents has experienced the cruelty of war. Their children, our parents, were still through narration, or worse, the silence of their parents, too close to it, and so they were unable to reckon with the past. „


Husova 18, Kavárna Praha