Author reading: Tanja Dückers (DE)

German writer, poet and publicist was born in 1968 in West Berlin. She studied American Studies, German Studies and Art History. She has published twenty book titles, writes prose, poetry, books for children, essays, theatre and radio plays, and regularly appears in prominent and alternative German periodicals. In addition, she founded the Preussisch süß chocolate factory together with the Berlin chocolatier Christophe Wohlfarth. Her novels Spielzone (Zone Berlin) and Der längste Tag des Jahres (The Longest Day of the Year) were published in Czech. In her work, she especially points out the hidden problems of contemporary German society, be it social issues or the relationship to the past. She says about herself: „I’m not some hundred percent chick from the West, I’m from Berlin, and that’s a world in itself.“


Husova 18, Kavárna Praha