Author reading: Petra Hůlová (CZ)

Czech writer, born in Prague in 1979, studied Mongolian Studies and Cultural Studies at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University. She is the author of nine prose books. She made her debut with the Memory for My Grandmother; she wrote an autobiographical novel titled Macocha (2014). She says about it: “This time I don’t want to tell the story of someone I actually have relatively little to do with. It was also a certain kind of adrenaline. To what extent am I going to let myself as an author near myself as a person. Whether I can be so fierce to myself as if I were just a literary figure. ”In her latest prose, The Brief History of Movement, she represents the future of a totalizing system founded and led by women with a goal to eradicate even the last remnants of sexual naturalness in men.


Husova 18, Kavárna Praha