A spiritual dimension of the army: discussion with military chaplains + workshop for children

What is it like when one of the parents leaves for a military mission – perhaps to Afghanistan? The joys and worries of the soldier are the joys and worries of the military chaplain. Respect for the freedom of each individual is at the core for the chaplain; it is above all about listening, about sharing the work and personal joys and difficulties in respect of confidentiality. In their ministry, army chaplains cooperate with military psychologists, commanders, and all who care for the human dimension of the lives of soldiers and their families.

Marking the 20th anniversary of joining NATO.


Tomáš Holub Bishop, founder of the military chaplains ministry in the Czech Army

Jiří Šedivý Czech ambassador to NATO

Pavel Brichta,  captain, chaplain of the 4. Rapid Deployement Brigade Žatec (at the turn of 2014-2015 chaplain of the 3rd Guard Company of BAF RS  the ACR Bagram Task Force (Afghanistan) and in 2018 the chaplain of the SR SR BAF RS (Decisive Support) Afghanistan.

Zdeněk Mikula, colonel, deputy commander of the 7th Motorized Brigade. In 2004-2006 deployed in Kosovo, in  2007-2008 in a foreign operation NATO training mission in Iraq and at the turn of 2011 – 2012 commander of the 3rd unit OMLT Wardak.

A workshop for children titled Stories of Great Figures will take place at the same time (16:30 – 18:00).

Crafts and activities for children over two years of age. Babysitting provided.

Throughout the day, the Husa na provázku Theatre Bar is open.


Divadlo Husa na provázku, Zelný trh 9