„Cape of Good Hope“: a concert with the announcement of the Year of Reconciliation 2020-2021

In the coming two years, this country has several anniversaries of major historical events ahead of it that have divided us over the centuries: 600 years since the declaration of a Crusade against the Hussites, 400 years since the Battle of White Mountain, 400 years since the execution of 27 Czech lords on the Old Town Square in Prague. The purpose of the Year of Reconciliation is to touch these historical milestones together, leave aside mutual remorse and infinite measuring of the shares of guilt: „Suffering remains suffering, whatever its originator and at any time.“ (Declaration of Reconciliation and Common Future, Brno).

Inspired by the Brno Year of Reconciliation 2015 and the Pilgrimage Programme of the Hussite Festivities 2015 „we express our desire that all past wrongs be forgiven so that, not burdened by the past, and in mutual cooperation, we may turn towards a common Future.“

Guests: S. Francesca Šimuniová, Daniel Ženatý, Pavel Hošek, Alexandr Flek, Jana Merunková, Miriam Kolářová and others.

Musical accompaniment:  CM Pajtáš 


Divadlo Husa na provázku, Zelný trh 9