“Always, in every situation, we can act and not just suffer”
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“Always, in every situation, we can act and not just suffer”

A discussion forum about Marie Kudeříková’s legacy for today

The resistance fighter Marie Kudeříková, whose name is well known to those who went to school before 1989, has been forgotten by younger generations. The repudiation of all Communist-era heroes was how our society dealt with its past after the Velvet Revolution. The 100th birthday of this exceptionally courageous woman this year is an opportunity to try to depict her story without ideological baggage, and find inspiration in it that is valid for today.

Is it possible to see in Marie Kudeříková’s positions motives similar to those expressed by Václav Havel in the figure of the greengrocer in The Power of the Powerless? And is it bearable to remember when looking at the fate of the Communist hero this section from Pope Francis’s most recent encyclical, Fratelli tutti?

“What is important is not constantly achieving great results, since these are not always possible. Consequently, if I can help at least one person to have a better life, that already justifies the offering of my life… We achieve fulfilment when we break down walls and our hearts are filled with faces and names. The great goals of our dreams and plans may only be achieved in part… For this reason, it is truly noble to place our hope in the hidden power of the seeds of goodness we sow, and thus to initiate processes whose fruits will be reaped by others.”

Magda Vášáryová – an actor, diplomat, who portrayed Marie Kudeříková in Jaromil Jireš’s film And Give My Love to the Swallows

Daniela Poláková – an author of the book Marie Kudeříková: životnost mýtu a lidské zkušenosti

Anna Putnová – an educationist and entrepreneur

Pavel Karous – a sculptor, author of An Apple Tree Floats in the Air

Moderated by Martina Viktorie Kopecká and David Macek.

Programme will be held in czech only.
Free entry. Limited capacity. We suggest booking your place below on this site.






Courtyard of the Brno City Theatre
Lidická 16
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