BPART + Foco alAire: LOStheULTRAMAR Theatrical event in which Brno will walk through Brno
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BPART + Foco alAire: LOStheULTRAMAR Theatrical event in which Brno will walk through Brno

LOStheULTRAMAR (“those from overseas”) is a vibrant dance performance that renews the spirit of human community. Join the parade with its live music, and marvel at the dancers’ minimal movements and finely elaborated facial expressions. The LOStheULTRAMAR performers combine seemingly contradictory traits: extreme uncertainty and unbearable politeness. They present human alienation – a consequence of modern history and of the digital age – which coexists with a persistent herd mentality and primitive self-awareness of every one of us. When you encounter the parade, it’s difficult to say exactly what you feel – are you entertained, disconcerted, or perhaps you want to join in? Originally a parade of eight dancers, in Brno LOStheULTRAMAR will be joined by professional performers from Czechia and Iceland, but more importantly by all of you, members of minorities and majorities, to send out a strong message that one may feel a foreigner even in one’s own city – and how absurd that is.

The grand start of the performance will be in front of Káznice; the parade of dozens of performers, live music and spectators will then proceed down Bratislavská street towards Moravské náměstí, where it will culminate in a happening. The route is about 1,200 metres long; you can join at any point or simply show up at the Jošt statue,
where the parade will arrive at about 8:45pm.

This performance is part of a two-year-long international project Be Part of LOStheULTRAMAR, which brings together communities across nations, languages and generations. The troupe uses the artistic process to support the development of civil society and a sense of belonging, and to bring marginalised groups to public notice. It has been made possible by funding from the EEA and Norway Grants, the City of Brno, the Czech Ministry of Culture, the South Moravian Region and the Czech State Fund for Culture.

The show is part of the programme of official celebrations of the centenary of diplomatic cooperation between Mexico and the Czech Republic and is supported by the ambassador of the United Mexican States, Rosaura Leonora Rueda Gutierrez, who will attend the event with the cultural attaché, Miguel Ángel Vilchis.

It is also supported by the mayor of the city of Brno, Dr. Markéta Vaňková.

Conceived and directed by: Marcela Sánchez Mota and Octavio Zeivy
Concept of community work: Lenka Flory
Performers: Inés Guadalupe Herrera Campa, César René Pérez Maldonado, D’Enirio Perez Villagomez, Lucio Alberto Sosa Fonseca, Luis Andrés Villegas Esparza, Orkun Türkmen, Marie Svobodová, Agáta Jarošová, Levin Eichert, Lara Hereu Macho, Gabriel Marling Rideout, Auður Huld Gunnarsdóttir, Tiffany Margelin, Esperanza Yuliana Palacios Figueroa and Thorgerdur Atladóttir
Lighting design and implementation: Foco alAire producciones
Masks: Marcela Sánchez Mota
Costumes: Foco alAire producciones
Produced by: BPART and Foco alAire producciones

Free entry.


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start: park Hvězdička, Hvězdová; end: Moravské náměstí
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