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Festival opening

A journey from trying to quickly save the world to realizing that healing your own trauma brings healing to those around you. A journey from cleverness to wisdom. From falling to realizing that only those who know which resources to draw on and do so regularly can be of help to others. The art of being: from trauma to hope. This year, Meeting Brno continues the tradition of opening the festival with a discussion, which will also mark the start of the festival’s dramaturgical programme.

Four special guests will participate in the discussion: Doctor Rola Hallam, philosopher Alice Koubová, influencer Karel “Kovy” Kovář and Marcela Murgašová, with Martina Viktorie Kopecká and David Macek as moderators.

In the evening, an afterparty will take place. Refreshments will be available for purchase on site.

Rola Hallam is a doctor and founder of CanDo, a humanitarian organization supporting medical and humanitarian workers in war-torn countries. It supports local workers and frontline workers, ensuring that aid reaches people efficiently and as quickly as possible. Rola Hallam regularly appears at global discussion forums (Women in the World, Google’s Zeitgeist Minds and Hindustan Times Leadership Summit) and has become a key figure in the area of mental health care for those helping the victims of war.

Alice Koubová, philosopher and mathematician. Alice Koubová deepens the collaboration between science and art. She addresses the social and cultural context of how we approach strength, weakness, injuries, helplessness, and historical and social trauma. She works at the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Karel “Kovy” Kovář, influencer, moderator and author of popular videos. In his work, he focuses on current social and political issues.

Marcela Murgašová, Executive Director of the BLÍŽKSOBĚ Foundation. She has completed several psychological training programs (Gestalt training program for helping professions, training program “Positive Intelligence” for coaches, and training program “Trauma-informed leadership for women”). Among others, she organizes mindfulness and meditation courses and leads a course for teachers focusing on Trauma-Respecting Approach in Dealing with Challenging Behaviour in Children.

How to reach us?

– from the crossroads of Údolní and Kraví hora streets
– public transport: tram No. 4, stop náměstí Míru


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19:30 - 23:30




Kraví hora Amphitheatre - Bolek Polívka Theatre Summer Stage
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