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The exhibition lasts from July 1 to August 31

Three designers of the so-called Bauhaus will present their works for the first time at Villa Tugendhat: Anni Albers, Otti Berger, Lilly Reich and Lucie Rie, an Austro-British potter. In their time, they were at the forefront of the avant-garde.

Otti Berger was murdered in Auschwitz, probably immediately after her arrival on July 6, 1944. Albers, Reich and Rie survived the Holocaust and began to shape modern art. In 1933, Hitler declared their art “entartet”, i.e. perverted, but they managed to “start from scratch” after that. The exhibition focuses on the challenging period they underwent after the rise of Nazism, when they had to establish themselves again in emigration. Their work is undoubtedly one of the most unique and lasting in the 20th century and it is also an evidence of how those who survived shaped and continue to shape our world.

The exhibition includes a unique collection of ceramics by Lucie Rie, photos by Otti Berger and textiles according to her design, and textiles by Anni Albers as well as her complete collection of graphics Connections from 1924 to 1983. The exhibition is curated by Widar Halén.

The exhibition will be available at the villa in July and August 2024. Later it will be moved to the new museum in the “Schindler Factory” in Brněnec, which will open in May 2025 to mark the 80th anniversary of the end of World War II.

The exhibition was created in cooperation with Daniel Low-Beer’s Arks Foundation.

Accompanying texts to the exhibition are presented in Czech and English.

Free admission. Limited capacity. We suggest booking your place below on this site.
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