Photogallery 2019

Meeting Brno 2019

25/5/2019 Europeana: Brief History of the Twentieth Age
29/5/2019 Meeting Brno festival opening: Brno Liberated!?
30/5/2019 Divadlo Feste: Václav Havel: The Anatomy of Hate
30/5/2019 Lavutara: Following Roma musicians and their songs
30/5/2019 Love Between the Shelves
31/5/2019 Coyote
2/6/2019 Czech-German mass
2/6/2019 The Löw-Beer family trail
2/6/2019 In Other Words – Viktor Horváth (HU) and Halyna Kruk (UA)
2/6/2019 Following the Traces of the Third Resistance in Brno
3/6/2019 In Other words – Martyna Bunda (PL) and Tanja Dückers (DE)
3/6/2019 Zabawa, zabawa (Fun, Fun)
4/6/2019 Villa Arnold
4/6/2019 The micro-world of the Jewish community during the normalization period
4/6/2019 Two renovation projects: Arnold Villa and a Memorial in Brněnec
4/9/2019 Petra Hůlová and Alexandra Salmela
5/6/2019 There the world moves where the power is aimed!
5/6/2019 Broken lives
5/6/2019 In Other Words: the final debate of six writers
5/6/2019 Concert Hokr & Tiché lodi
5/6/2019 Donbas – life in a country that does not exist on a political map
6/6/2019 The stories of the books “Great Women From a Small Country” and “White Crows”
6/6/2019 A discussion with military chaplains
6/6/2019 „Cape of Good Hope“: a concert with the announcement of the Year of Reconciliation 2020-2021
6/6/2019 Divadlo Feste: Václav Havel: The Anatomy of Hate
6/6/2019 Laco Garaj: Sixty
6/6/2019 Austria and Czechoslovak Dissent
8/6/2019 Open breakfast
9/6/2019 Final Concert
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