Photogallery 2021

Meeting Brno 2021

26/7/2021 “Truth Prevails?” Opening evening of the festival
27/7/2021 Discussions at the Memory of Nations Institute Brno: Reconciliation March
27/7/2021 Arnošt Lustig’s Waves of Joy
27/7/2021 Speaking about faith
28/7/2021 Aliens and Herons
28/7/2021 Lety
28/7/2021 An Apple Tree Floats in the Air
28/7/2021 “Always, in every situation, we can act and not just suffer”
28/7/2021 Ein Strudel und Nekonečno
29/7/2021 Winterberg’s journeys in Brno
29/7/2021 Cardinal Beran – two views on a persistent Christian
30/7/2021 сустрэчы [sustrechi] – зустрічі [zustrichi]
30/7/2021 Commemorating the victims of World War II
30/7/2021 Hilsner and the Others
31/7/2021 Shedding skin
31/7/2021 Reconciliation March
1/8/2021 Czech-German religious service
1/8/2021 Closing the festival: Maruška
Merry-Go-Round-Go-Round – Exhibition
16/10/2021 Reading by and conversation with Thomas Keneally
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