Photogallery 2022

Meeting Brno 2022

22/7/2022 For freedom and democracy
22/7/2022 Festival opening
23/7/2022 Reconciliation march
24/7/2022 Commemorating the victims of 1939-1945
24/7/2022 International religious service
24/7/2022 A walk through the Brno Central Cemetery
– the graves of prominent German figures
24/7/2022 Who owns cultural heritage?
24/7/2022 Hugo Iltis for Johann Gregor Mendel
25/7/2022 The installation of the Stolperstein for Hugo Iltis and his family
25/7/2022 Karl and Zita
25/7/2022 Sisters. The role of women in Churches
25/7/2022 Fantastic races and where to find them – premiere
25/7/2022 Hugo Iltis: Light to the people Peace in the world
26/7/2022 Liechtenstein is meeting Brno
27/7/2022 FASHION GOES GREEN From industrial to sustainable revolution. – Premiere
28/7/2022 Guided tour “Moravian Manchester"
28/7/2022 Everything starts with an encounter. The meaning and the risks of education
28/7/2022 Non-returns – Premiere
29/7/2022 Final parade by LOStheULTRAMAR
30/7/2022 Brněnec, Löw-Beer, Schindler – stories woven from history
31/7/2022 Following the footsteps of history in the streets of today
17/10/2022 Following the footsteps of the HAAS brothers in the Masaryk Quarter
11/11/2022 Towards the personality of Bishop Stanislav Krátký
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