Photogallery 2020

Meeting Brno 2020

4/6/2020 Ceremony in Postoloprty
20/7/2020 Opening of the festival
21/7/2020 How Czechs put a mask on the world. A reflection on the time of corona
21/7/2020 Walking in the footsteps of Kurt Gödel
22/7/2020 Cathedral and mosque
22/7/2020 A different Brno topography
23/7/2020 A tour of the new Church of Blessed Maria Restituta, guided by the architect
23/7/2020 Michal Záhora / Turn of the end
23/7/2020 Fireflies
24/7/2020 PechaKucha Night “Brno builds old town” with a solo concert by Lenka Dusilová
24/7/2020 Guided tour of the abbey
24/7/2020 Six women. The (un)known of 20th-century Brno
25/7/2020 Hannah Arendt: Eichmann in Jerusalem
4/9/2020 “Whoever saves one life saves the world entire”
4/9/2020 Opening a trail to trace the footsteps of the Löw-Beer family; with a concert at Tugendhat House
5/9/2020 Brněnec / Brünnlitz – the story of the famous factory continues
7/9/2020 Archeology of the Holocaust and the survey of the camp in Lety (2016-2019)
8/9/2020 The last platform – the transports of Brno’s Jews
9/9/2020 Meeting with the writer Ursula Wiegele and workshop
10/9/2020 Rise and intervene. The struggle for a better society
11/9/2020 Commerating the victims of World War II
12/9/2020 Reconciliation March
13/9/2020 Czech-German religious service
13/9/2020 A garden party to celebrate Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
14/9/2020 Unknown Album
14/9/2020 Closing the Festival / Meeting in the garden of the Arnold Villa
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