Six women. The (un)known of 20th-century Brno

17. 7. 2020

Six women. The (un)known of 20th-century Brno

In the gallery of important Brno figures of the last century, women and their activities were long in the shadow of their male counterparts. Now, it is fair to remind ourselves of their work too, and to appreciate their influence on social life.
In this exhibition, the variety of remarkable women (and surely many more will gradually emerge from oblivion) captures both Czech- and German-speaking Brno. Representatives of many different vocations have come together in this show: stars of dance and the theatre (Rosalie Chladek and Vanda Zitová), noted politicians (Lily Czech and Marie Steyskalová), a writer (Věra Sládková) and a photographer (Fränze Grubner). It doesn’t matter whether they knew or ever met each other. What matters are their accomplishments, which in their importance often went beyond the borders of the city or even of our country – these are worth remembering.

We invite you for a tour in the company of the curator, PhDr. Vojen Drlík, on Friday 24/7 from 17:30 at the Augustinian Abbey, Mendlovo náměstí.

In collaboration with the German Cultural Association of the Brno Region.

open Monday–Friday 6:30–17:30
Augustinian Abbey, Mendlovo náměstí 1