Lavutara: Following Roma musicians and their songs

17:00 guided tour of the exhibition

The exhibition offers and authentic look at music from the perspective of its performers (musicians, event organisers, musical instrument producers and repairmen, and other witnesses) and also gives an opportunity to learn about the broader political context. One of the topical chapters presents the consecutive circumstances of the turning point in 1989 which has become a strong impulse for the organisation activities among the Czechoslovak Roma. A significant event in this respect, the 1st global Roma fesitival ROMFEST, was organised in Brno in 1990. Hundreds of performers took to the stage in the presence of the current political representatives, including the then Czechoslovak president Václav Havel.

18:00 music programme

Traditional Roma music performed by Lukáš Čonka and Romana Horvátha and the Milan Horváth and Viliam Oračko dulcimer bands. The event takes place as part of the Musical Summer at the Museum of Romany Culture – a series of concerts by significant groups and artists of the Brno Roma music world.

This programme takes place in cooperation with the Museum of Romani Culture.