Reconciliation march
A Meeting with Witnesses

A Meeting with Witnesses

In the refectory of the Augustinian Abbey, a moderated and interpreted meeting with witnesses from among the Brno Germans will take place. Listening to their stories, we will look into the memories of their childhood, of summer of 1945 and their reception by the neighbouring countries. We will learn how their relationship to the lost homeland had changed and how they perceive today’s Brno.

Reconciliation March

Reconciliation March

For the thirteenth time, we will follow the footsteps of more than twenty thousand Brno people who were driven towards the Austrian border during the last May night of 1945. While working men had to stay in the city for forced labour, women, children, and old men were ordered to  march. At least 1 700 of them perished along the way and in the following days and weeks.

Since 2015 we have been symbolically walking in the opposite direction of the historical march, ie. from the mass grave in Pohořelice back to Brno. Four years ago, in connection with the Pilgrimage, Brno representatives adopted the Declaration of Reconciliation and a Common Future, which became a historic milestone in the process of the Czech society dealing with this chapter of our history. This year’s march will be a unique experience and opportunity for unique meetings. The event will be attended by many dozens of witnesses and public figures from all three countries, including important guests from Stuttgart, with whom we will also celebrate the thirty-year anniversary of the partnership between the two cities that began just before the Velvet Revolution.

You can join the march at any point or return to Brno with a free bus service along the route. More information including the timetable can be found on the festival website or on Facebook.

The conclusion of the Pilgrimage at the Augustinian Abbey will include a performance by the Shadow Quartet, exhibition stands and accompanying programme will be offered by associations and initiatives active in Czech-German-Austrian relations (the Czech-German Future Fund, Tandem, Österreich Institut and others), good food and drink will also be available. Only on this day, the abbey garden will also feature an exhibition of the “Opraski sbrněnski historje” (Pictures from Brno History) comic series, created by Jaz for the Meeting Brno festival in 2017.

Course of the event:
8:30 am / Brno, Mendelovo náměstí
Departure of the first busses from the stop next to the Starobrno brewery
9 am
Departure of futher buses to Pohořelice
9:30 am / Pohořelice
Opening speech and prayer for the victims, setting off
12:00 am / Ledce (10 km)
2-2:30 pm / Rajhrad (17 km)
Information and lunch at the crossroad Masarykova-Štefánikova in the town center
4:30 pm / Modřice (24 km)
Information and food at Náměstí Svobody
5 pm / Brno, Gymnasium Vídeňská (30 km)
Information and food, music performance (the procession arrives at about 17:45)
6:30 pm / Garden of the Augustinian Abbey at Mendelovo náměstí (32 km)
Speeches of Mayors Vaňková and Kuhn, greetings from the ambassadors of both
neighboring countries
7 pm
Commemoration, lighting of candles at the memorial stone to those expelled from Brno
8-10 pm
Concert of Shadow Quartet
During the event, special buses commute along the route, allowing to join or leave the March at several stations. Please consult a timetable.