23. 7. 2020


A tour of the new Church of Blessed Maria Restituta, guided by the architect

Blessed Maria Restituta Kafka (born in 1894 in Brno, died in 1943 in Vienna) joined the Franciscan Order in 1914 and served as the head nurse at an operating theatre in a Vienna hospital. Once the Nazis came to power, they persecuted monks and nuns, but Marie Restituta courageously displayed her faith: the regime ordered the crosses to be taken down from hospital walls, but Maria Restituta decided to keep them in place. Later she was falsely accused of disseminating a poem ridiculing Hitler around the hospital. In 1942, she was arrested and sentenced on trumped-up charges; in 1943, she was executed by guillotine. She was known for her kindness to all her patients, while strictly requiring her subordinates to carry out their jobs responsibly and carefully. She enjoyed her beer and goulash after work.
In 2020, the only church of Blessed Maria Restituta in the world was completed, in the centre of the Lesná housing estate in Brno. The architect of the church, which has a circular floorplan and a free-standing belfry, is Marek Jan Štěpán.
We invite you on a guided tour of the new church, in the company of the architect Marek Jan Štěpán and the art historian Miriam Kolářová.

The guided tour will be held in Czech only.

Free entry

17:00 Church of Blessed Maria Restituta, Nezvalova 13