Closing the Festival / Meeting in the garden of the Arnold Villa

14. 9. 2020

18:00 / 20:00

Meeting in the garden of the Arnold Villa

In the near future, major changes are awaiting the Arnold Villa, a hidden art deco jewel next to the Villa Tugendhat. The rescue plan to restore this monument involves the creation of a Centre of Dialogue, which will serve both the general public and scholars interested in the architecture of the 19th to 21st centuries. Part of the Centre will be developed as a garden café. At the close of the festival, we invite you for an informal meeting with our foreign and domestic guests and the festival organisers. We will provide some light refreshments but you are welcome to bring your own.

The Muroň-Vrtek-Kobiela Jazz Trio will play and, in collaboration with the Josef Arnold Cultural Centre, guided tours of the villa will be available throughout the event.

Come to the Villa Löw-Beer (Drobného 22) at 17:00 for a meeting with Ivo Hammer, who will show a newly discovered album of photographs of the Ernst Löw-Beer villa.

In collaboration with the Brno City Museum and with the Josef Arnold Cultural Centre.

18:0020:00 Garden of the Arnold Villa, entry from Černopolní street next to house no. 47