The last platform – the transports of Brno’s Jews

The last platform – the transports of Brno’s Jews

A reminder of the deportations that formed such a chilling part of the Holocaust. A site-specific event combining scholarly commentary by the historian Táňa Klementová with a theatre montage by directors Eva Lietavová and Pavel Strašák.   

A 1942 report by the Jewish Community of Prague indicates that 3,503 bicycles, 2,036 typewriters and 34,543 fur coats were registered and prepared for use in Bohemia and Moravia. Each of these items originally had an owner with officially determined Jewish identity. An owner whose turbulent life is indicated by another table, summing up the numbers of Jews in the various regions of our country, first in March 1939 and then in June 1942. In the Brno region we learn that during that period, of the original 14,910 Jewish inhabitants only 855 remained at home.
On 27 May 1942, the last transport went from Brno to Theresienstadt, the last of the large deportations from this region.

The programme will be held in Czech only.

Free entry. The capacity of the event is full, thank for you understanding!

In collaboration with the Jewish Museum in Prague. Financially supported by the Czech-German Future Fund.

19:00 Meet at tř. Kpt. Jaroše 1922/3 (the Brno branch of the Jewish Museum in Prague)

Fireflies – theatre performance

Mikro-teatro Theatre, first Czech performance

A contemporary play by two Spanish playwrights, Itziar Pascual and Amaranta Osorio, presents, in the dramatic interplay of two monologues, the seemingly unconnected stories of two women – one historic and the other contemporary – which towards the end of the play become a dialogue and are linked, in order to uncover something essential about the nature of family relations against the background of momentous history. The play is inspired by the fate of Váva Schönová, a Czech actor of Jewish origin who founded the children’s theatre at Theresienstadt. At the Meeting Brno festival the play will be acted by the Mikro-teatro ensemble in a first Czech performance.

Dramatic concept: Eliška Poláčková
Direction: Gabriela Ženatá
Actors: Kateřina Jebavá and Veronika Všianská

Repeat performance on Thursday 23/7 at 20:00.

The performance will be held in Czech only.

The event is full. Thank for your understanding and interest.

20:00 Jailhouse, Bratislavská 68